I took some photos whilst doing a recent batch of XMega PDI boards.
I was pleasantly surprised how well my camera caught the action…

Paste applied by stencil:
Notice the advanced (and purely by chance) side-lighting used to capture the depth of the paste. The polyester stencil was supplied by http://www.smtstencil.co.uk – who I’d recommend highly; lightning fast-turn around and a superb price.

Components populated:
You might think that the general mashing and smudgyness of the paste (caused by shaky-handed parts placement) would cause problems upon reflow, but that’s not the case at all.

I just wish that I’d got a way of videoing the reflow process. It’s magical the way all the parts shuffle and hunker down to the middle of the pads by the force of surface tension.

In case that’s not enough close-ups for you, here’s a couple of bonus 1:1 pictures, unmolested from the camera:
The grainyness to the paste is the individual balls of solder. Bear in mind that these pads are 0.8mm apart.

Not bad for home reflowing!