A quick and easy ISP adapter for an 8-pin AVR (Tiny13/25/45/85s)

I’m in the middle of designing a simple 8 LED meter/cylon sweep/POV kit.
At it’s heart is a socketed Tiny13 (although I’ll probably end up with a T85).
Because there’s no room for an ISP header, I’ve been pulling the chip out of the socket each time I want to reprogram it (and I do that a lot when I’m developing code).

That was getting rather tiresome, so I’ve made myself a daughter-board that plugs into the socket…

It’s just a normal turned-pin IC socket. I’ve drilled the holes in the board larger than normal, so the socket sits flush with the board (they usually sit proud). That means the legs extend just far enough on the underside to insert into the main board’s socket…

It works nicely, and has significantly reduced my code / compile / reflash / find_stupid_error development lifecycle.